The Only Way To Save The Republic, And END The Corruption Is To Fire AG Jeff Sessions Or For Him To Resign

Once Trump won, Jeff Sessions made huge promises about cleaning up the swamp…He positioned himself to be made AG…but for one reason only- so that he could protect the corruption as Holder and Lynch did! There is a lot of evidence of corruption yet Jeff Sessions continues to sit back and watch Mueller hunt down innocent people in the Trump administration.

We all ask our selfs why AG Jeff Sessions is doing nothing with all that evidence about Hillary Clinton? It’s clear that he is also deep state, and somehow trying to protect the Clintons!

Imagine Jeff Sessions has point blank refused to prosecute Hillary Clinton for her dirty crimes, despite pleas by Congress to do so. Trump is losing his patience.

For months it’s been clear that AG Sessions is a total failure.

If this republic is to continue, Sessions must go!

The US cannot have multiple layers of laws. It’s impossible to have some individuals who do not have to abide by the same laws as the rest of the population.  We also cannot stand for the corrupt FBI, DOJ and State Departments (amongst others) that are able to spy, lie and assault Americans for faulty crimes.  Obama’s Administration was corrupt and dishonest at all levels and so it’s no surprise that the entire federal government is corrupt.  These people must be swept out.  It starts with AG Sessions!

Many Congressman are calling for Jeff Sessions to resign or be replaced and have for months!

Attorney General Jeff Sessions continues to prove to the country that he’s NOT interested in Trump’s “America First” agenda, calls for his resignation continue.

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