Newt Gingrich Is Looking For Justice – Calls For The Arrest Of Hillary Clinton

Many turbulences these few weeks happened but obviously, only the truth comes out. What about the exposed criminals, that should end up in jail? People, nothing is happening. We should gather our forces and push a little bit more. It is about us and our country!

This morning during his interview with Fox News’ Maria Bartiromo, Newt Gingrich showed how he is nervous about the though situation and decided to fire off a big and strong response to the corrupt FBI and Judicial system.

He claimed at the top of our Judicial system and intel community there is extremely misconduct, stating that in any “any reasonable system of law, Secretary Clinton would already be in jail. All of her senior aides would be in jail.”

Well said, Newt!He always knows what to say because he is always looking for justice!

Watch the video below:

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