Trump Fires Back At Pelosi: He Ended Her Career, She Is Going Home After This

Oh god, this is epic. Trump responded to crazy liberal leader in US congress, Pelosi. He ruined her, she is going to end her political career after this!

Trump was brutal, with no mercy, he made her a mincemeat!

After House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi slammed him in an interview over the weekend, President Trump responded by accusing her of undermining the Democratic Party. He even suggested that Democrats would end up becoming irrelevant.

In a “Fox & Friends” interview that aired Tuesday ahead of his address to a joint session of Congress, Trump branded Pelosi “incompetent” and said she’s “done a terrible job” as a party leader.

”You know, if you look at what’s going on with the Democrats and the party, it’s getting smaller and smaller,” Trump said.

“You know, in a certain way, I hate to see it, because I like a two-party system and we’re soon going to have a one-party system. I actually think a two-party system is healthy and good. But she’s done a terrible job.”

Pelosi drew the ire of the president for her comments on ABC’s “This Week,” where she called Trump the “deflector in chief,” arguing that some of his more attention-grabbing maneuvers were a distraction from the absence of a jobs-creating infrastructure plan.

HAHA! This is amazing! President Trump is right, we need two strong parties in America, but with democrats failure and complete loss in this election, now we have only one strong party in America and that is bad!

We need strong democrats so that they can be very useful as opposition, but now, democrats are a complete joke!

They need to pick up from the ruins and become more serious and more respectable party in America.

Trump made GOP a brutal political power, GOP is now ruling America completely, from the Oval Office to the smallest town sheriff in almost every place in America!

Now we are the power, so let’s change America according the bible and the constitution!

Let’s make America heaven on earth! We have the power and the knowledge and the will!



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